Tell FOX to Cancel the Disgusting New Program, The Mick

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David Madden (President, Fox Entertainment)

Hollywood depravity has hit a new low! FOX's new show, The Mick, began airing this January, and in every aspect the show is an affront to decency and moral values. The first episode shows a six year old boy who is apparently transgender, wearing what appears to be a bondage gag - which, in the producers' minds, seems to be something to joke about! The same episode shows the boy wearing a dress and commenting how it "breezes" on his private parts, which he refers to using the word for female genitalia.

Sign our petition today to express your outrage that FOX thinks childhood gender confusion is something to laugh at so they can sell expensive commercials to advertisers. Exploiting a six year old for profit is a disgusting, subhuman act. These portrayals will only add to the confusion in society that many people - including children - suffer regarding gender identity and biology, all while making a joke about what are really serious abnormal psychological conditions.

Demand FOX remove this depraved show from the air today, and then help us spread the word by posting this petition to Facebook or tweeting about it!

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Remove The Mick from Your Programming Lineup

I am writing to express my outrage and concern over your new show, The Mick. The values portrayed in this show are inimical to most Americans. Most alarming is the depiction of the youngest character as transgendered, a condition which is not a joking matter and should not be laughed at. The portrayal of the same child in the very first episode with a bondage gag in his mouth shows that FOX is only concerned about getting cheap laughs, even at the cost of exploiting an innocent boy and making a joke out of sadistic sexual abuse and depravity.

As a consumer and a viewer, I demand that this show be removed from the air immediately and that you cease to promote through your programming such radical values as abortion-on-demand and the redefintion of gender, such as you do with this show.

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