Stop the Red Light Cameras in Illinois

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The Red Light Camera has been exposed by many sources across the country as Corrupt and in violation of moral, ethics and federal codes and statues as well as The Constitution which America is founded. Time to END the Money Go Round of officials making more money over greed and selfish motives to uphold laws which really arent laws or under scrutiny by anyone.

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Stop the Red Light Camera Traffic Scam in Illinois

~~Red Light Camera Challenged by Law Makers, citizens, criticized by federal government…

TN law maker states red light camera don’t have to pay wont affect credit reports, etc.



The Red Light Programs in the State of Illinois have been exposed by the Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald for years. Nothing has changed. The Deparment of Justice has criticized the program as corrupt. There is no legal Constitutional basis but for abuse of the 4th Amendment and many other federal and moral laws that Municipal lawyers, officers ignore. The Red Light Camera Program is a big tax payer waste and many states have been sued by citizens and organisations to bring light of this corrupt enforcement action.

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