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The Cafeina Medium Roast by The House of Lucky Cigar is handmade with a light Connecticut shade leaf wrapper. Visit us and shop infused cigars now.

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Finding Cigars online has never been this easy! A rare or a limited edition cigar is the ultimate luxurious thing to own. A perfect cigar takes a lot of artistry, good quality ingredients, and skills to make. A perfect should leave you feeling relieved and satisfied. Now all cigar lovers can buy cigars and cigar accessories online. Accessories such as a cigar cutter are extremely essential as a cigar should never be cut with a knife or a scissor. Now you can buy theses accessories online at a discounted price and avail free shipping on big orders.

A humidor is extremely vital to store and protect your cigars from temperature, humidity, moisture, and pests. A humidor is a box used to store your cigars at the appropriate temperature. This website is offering humidors on sale. You can choose one that suits your collection size or go for a portable one for traveling needs. A tabletop humidor is the most commonly used. If you buy a humidor on sale and make it a large order, you can get free delivery too.

Extensive variety of cigars is available to choose form. From classics to flavored cigars, from limited edition cigars to mix and match combos,  customers can buy whatever they please. Infused cigars such as Cafeina coffee-infused cigars are a luxury indulgence and make a perfect gift. Cafeina cigars are available in medium to dark roast. You can also buy Cafeina samples to choose your favorite product. You can get your hands on high-end lighters with double or triple flames, and wind-resistant quality. To explore more, visit

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