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Remember the Victims of the Sexual Revolution

by The Ruth Institute


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Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone (Archbishop of San Francisco, Chairman of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops' Subcommittee on the Promotion and Defense of Marriage )

For too long, the Victims of the Sexual Revolution have been silenced.  Children of Divorce,  the Reluctantly Divorced, who were divorced against their will, and the Heartbroken Career Women who have good jobs but no children: none of these people are allowed to complain about the wounds they have suffered from our toxic sexual culture. 

As the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church prepare to meet to discuss ways to strengthen the family, let us ask them not to forget these victims of the Sexual Revolution. 

The ancient teachings of the Christian Church have been right all along. Help us urge the bishops to reaffirm these teachings, and to minister to those who have already been wounded by the Sexual Revolution. 

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The Church Has Been Right All Along: Remember the Victims of the Sexual Revolution

As the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church prepare for their Synod on the "Pastoral Challenges to the Family," we wish to say that we have been Victims of the Sexual Revolution.  We and our loved ones have suffered from the separation of sex and childbearing from each other, and from marriage.

We come from diverse theological traditions: we are Catholics, Protestants of many denominations, Latter Day Saints, Jews, and people of no faith at all. We appreciate the Roman Catholic Church for its clarity about the great moral issues of our time. All of us have endured or witnessed at least one of these painful experiences:

Victims of the Divorce Culture

The Children of Divorce:

  • In their little minds, they wonder if they are to blame for their parents' divorce.
  • They feel like leftovers when their parents have a new baby with a new spouse.
  • They grow up shuttling between households, carrying their backpacks, hoping they actually have all their homework with them.
  • They are used as pawns in divorce court when one parents asks them to perjure themselves against the other in divorce court.


The Reluctantly Divorced:

  • Those millions of unseen men and women, whose marriages ended against their will.  No fault divorce means the law takes sides with the spouse who wants the marriage the least.
  • The husband: driven out of his home, living in a Spartan apartment by himself, seeing his children perhaps every other week.
  • The wife: her husband abandoned her for a younger woman. 

Victims of the Contraceptive Culture

Contraception created the conditions that fostered these situations.

  • The Cohabiting Woman, who would like to get married, but who can’t get her boyfriend to commit.
  • The Heartbroken Career Woman, who has accomplished her educational and career goals, but she has no children, or perhaps no husband.
  • The Depressed Teenaged Girl who can't figure out why she is depressed over her hookups. The adults in her life taught her that she has a right to as much sex as she wants.
  • The Single Mother whose contraception failed her. She would have preferred not to be a single mother. But the child's father wouldn't marry her, or wasn't really a suitable marriage partner.
  • The Post-Abortive Woman: her contraception failed her and she had an abortion.  All the reasons she gave herself for exercising her “right to choose,” have come to sound hollow to her. She suffers in silence, with night terrors, depression and suicidal thoughts.

 We plead with the Synod Fathers: remember us, the Victims of the Sexual Revolution, in your deliberations. Reaffirm the ancient teachings of the Christian tradition on the permanence and fruitfulness of marriage.

The Church has been right all along. 


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