Tell Illinois GOP: Drop Chairman Brady for Betraying Marriage

by ActRight Community in National Organization for Marriage

Pat Brady, Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, recently betrayed conservative voters and Republicans by publically advocating for the passage of same-sex marriage legislation in Illinois. In remarks to the press, Brady claimed that same-sex marriage was “a key Republican value” – despite the strong pro-marriage wording of the most recent Republican National Committee Platform and the fact that every major GOP candidate for president this past political cycle was in favor of protecting marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Brady has betrayed us, betrayed his party, misrepresented “key Republican values,” and insulted conservative voters in Illinois and across America who deserve leaders who refuse to sell out on such a fundamental and crucial issue like the defense of marriage, children and family. The future of marriage in Illinois demands that Brady be replaced immediately with a brave pro-marriage individual who will fight back against the out-of-state liberal activists now attempting to impose gay marriage on the Land of Lincoln without the will or consent of the we the people. Use the form below today to send an urgent email to the GOP leadership in Illinois telling them that you demand Brady resign or be replaced over this egregious betrayal.