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About Us

What's the Big Idea behind ActRight?

ActRight revolutionizes online conservative political action. We put the power of fundraising for candidates and causes in your hands. We also allow the best actions—petitions, letters to Congressman, and much more—to be in one place for you to quickly and easily make a difference. We enable, you decide.

ActRight is based on three principles:

Simplicity: We want to make it simple for you to make this country a place that Ronald Reagan would be proud of.

Transparency: Everything you give (minus a four percent credit card fee) goes to your candidates and causes. If you want to "Give Us Love" and make a small donation to ActRight we always welcome it (and need it). But we're not a business; we're a tool for good. We want as much money as possible to go to the fight against the left.

Democracy: Yes, yes, we know this country is a Republic and not a pure Democracy, but we've had far too much rule by liberal elites and establishment RINOs for our taste. ActRight is a community of dedicated conservatives; as such we all deserve a voice. We've figured out some pretty amazing ways for you to decide the future of the conservative movement by your actions on ActRight.

Who's Behind It?

Brian Brown is Chairman and Founder of ActRight.com. In growing two conservative organizations, it became clear to that the left was doing a much better job in taking advantage of online giving and actions than we were. ActBlue alone has raised over $687,000,000 for far left candidates. That's a lot of money.

No one seemed to be doing much about it. So ActRight was born.

But really, ActRight is about you. You decide which candidates get money. You decide which actions you want to take. And by your decisions you determine what candidates, causes, and actions are highlighted on the site. You decide the future of the conservative movement.

How Do You Define "Conservative"?

If you don't have time for some light reading of Burke's Reflections, Hayek's The Road to Serfdom, and Russell Kirk's The Conservative Mind, the best recent statement of what it means to be a conservative is the Mt. Vernon Statement. Read it. Here are our first principles in clear and concise form. If you read it with fists clenched and your jugular vein bulging, ActRight.com is probably not for you . . . or you might be a troll from DailyKos.

How It Works

You choose your favorite candidates, causes, and actions, tell your friends, and get to work immediately helping the right people and organizations instantly. If you are pro-life, pro-second amendment, and pro-traditional marriage, want to support the Susan B. Anthony List, the National Organization for Marriage and the NRA, while helping a House candidate in Texas and a Senate candidate in Maine, you can do it at ActRight.com .

Best of all, ActRight is built to encourage trickle up fundraising -- from the bottom up. We all know dedicated grassroots activists are the engine powering a revolution in American politics. So we built a platform to put the power back in the hands of the people truly changing America for the better - you.

ActRight was built to maximize the power of your social network to help every person make a real difference. Don't underestimate the power of your network. One person and a group of friends can make a huge difference. You and your friends are the greatest threat to the status quo. With ActRight, you get the credit, you control your success, and the candidates and causes learn who is really the source of their success.

What Candidates Are Listed?

All federal Republican candidates appear on ActRight. But from there you actually decide! Given that some third party candidates or even Democrats could be conservative (hey, it does happen!) we also allow you to submit new candidates.

It's up to you, not us...

What About State Candidates?

Because laws differ from state to state we are not currently set up to support all state candidates. We're working on it and have already added most of the states.

What about Causes?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of causes —or what Alexis De Tocqueville called "Voluntary Associations"— fighting for the future of our Republic. We allow you to give to these groups through ActRight.com, and we're furiously working to get as many as possible listed. You can help us with this monumental task!

If you have a conservative cause you want to give help, but it's not yet listed on ActRight.com , you can add it here. All causes must be reviewed to determine their legal status and eligibility to be on ActRight.com . No liberal causes allowed!