Cut Spending Now

by ActRight Community in Americans for Prosperity

The federal government has a spending problem and everybody knows it. Now thanks to grassroots activists like you who have helped form the largest groundswell rejection of big government spending this country has ever seen, Capitol Hill finally has enough real fiscal conservatives to begin the hard work of reforming the federal budget.

This year the federal budget will run more than $1 trillion in deficit, and more than 30 percent of every dollar we spend is borrowed. Runaway spending is at the core of this problem. More than 70 percent of the federal budget is mandatory spending on entitlement programs and interest payments on the national debt. These programs must be reformed in order for the country to regain its fiscal footing. But let’s also not fall into the same old trap of being afraid to look at defense spending as well. The government’s paramount job is to keep us safe, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any waste or porkbarrel spending in the Defense Department.

Take action today by reminding your senators and representative that it's time to cut spending now.


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