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Premier Michael Dunkley (Premier)

There are rumors that the govermment of Bermuda is looking at creating same-sex civil unions--without letting the people have a say through a referendum.  It is urgent that the people of Bermuda have the same right to vote on the future of marriage as Slovenia just exercised.

If you have friends or family that are residents or citizens of Bermuda please let them know about this petition.

Please contact Premier Michael Dunkley and Senator Michael Fahey and urge them to oppose same-sex unions and support the people's right to vote by Signing below.

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To Premier Michael Dunkley and Senator Michael Fahey

I am writing to ask you to please oppose same-sex civil unions.  Marriage is the union of a man and a woman, and any attempt to change this definition is unacceptable.  We have seen in the US and elsewhere that same-sex civil unions are simply a stepping stone to same-sex marriage.

We, the people of Bermuda, should have the say on the future of marriage.  Instead of the government imposing same-sex unions, we should have a referendum so that our voice can be heard.  Please support a referendum and oppose same-sex civil unions.

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