Say NO to Taxpayer Funding for Transgender Sex-Change Surgery

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Mr. Jonathan Burks (Chief of Staff to Speaker Paul Ryan)
Mr. James Min (Chief of Staff to Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy)
Mr. John Sobel (Chief of Staff to Rep. Paul Cook (CA-8))
Mr. Jason Larrabee (Chief of Staff to Rep. Jeff Denham (CA-10))
Ms. Jeanette Whitener (Chief of Staff to Rep. Steve Knight (CA-25))
Mr. Veronica Wong (Chief of Staff to Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-49))
Mr. Ben Stein (Chief of Staff to Rep. Mike Coffman (CO-6))
Mr. Roy Schultheis (Chief of Staff to Rep. Carlos Curbelo (FL-26))
Mr. Joshua Salpeter (Chief of Staff to Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-27))
Ms. Poppy Nelson (Chief of Staff to Rep. Justin Amash (MI-3))
Mr. Tony Lis (Chief of Staff to Rep. Jack Bergman (MI-1))
Mr. Todd Mitchell (Chief of Staff to Rep. Leonard Lance (NJ-7))
Mr. Jason Galanes (Chief of Staff to Rep. Frank LoBiondo (NJ-2))
Mr. Ryan Carney (Chief of Staff to Rep. Tom MacArthur (NJ-3))
Mr. Dain Pascocello (Chief of Staff to Rep. John Faso (NY-19))
Ms. Lindley Kratovil (Chief of Staff to Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY-21))
Mr. Tim Kolpien (Chief of Staff to Rep. Tom Reed (NY-23))
Mr. Zach Howell (Chief of Staff to Rep. John Katko (NY-24))
Mr. Nick Stewart (Chief of Staff to Rep. Claudia Tenney (NY-22))
Ms. Lauryn Schothorst (Chief of Staff to Rep. Ryan Costello (PA-6))
Mr. Justin Rusk (Leg. Director for Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8))
Mr. Drew Kent (Chief of Staff to Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15))
Mr. Eric Burgeson (Chief of Staff to Rep. Bill Shuster (PA-9))
Ms. Susan Falconer (Chief of Staff to Rep. Barbara Comstock (VA-10))
Mr. Chad Ramey (Chief of Staff to Rep. Dave Reichert (WA-8))

Recently, 23 GOP members of the US House of Representatives opposed an amendment to the defense spending authorization bill to prevent the use of taxpayer funds to pay for sex-change surgeries for transgendered soldiers.

Are these 23 Republicans clueless or, worse, are they traitors to the conservative cause?

First off, the science is clear that there is absolutely no evidence to show that someone can be "trapped in the wrong body." Those who think they are "transgender" actually suffer from a psychological disorder known as gender dysphoria. 

Moreover, why in the world should US taxpayers be given the bill because a gender-confused individual joins the military and then demands a sex-change operation? It's insane! 

And what's really problematic is that the GOP leadership in the House, including Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, did absolutely nothing to prevent this travesty and betrayal of trust.

If the Republican leadership in Washington does not get their act together soon and begin delivering on their promises to restore American values like marriage and life, they are going to be in for a rude awakening come the 2018 midterm elections. Why would people of faith turn out to vote for incumbent Republicans who do nothing, or worse, betray us!

Help us hold these Representatives accountable! Sign below to send an email to them demanding that they hold true to the values they campaigned on and that the GOP professes in its platform.

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No Taxpayer Funding for Transgender Transition Surgeries

I am extrememly disappointed by the recent rejection of the amendment by Rep. Vicky Hartzler, that would have prevented taxpayer dollars being appropriated for turning our Armed Forces into a laboratory for social experimentation, in service to a radical political agenda and faulty pseudo-science.

Science is clear that there is absolutely no evidence that someone can be "trapped in the wrong body." Those who think they are "transgender" actually suffer from a psychological disorder known as gender dysphoria. The radical and dangerous recourse of so-called "sex-change" surgery and other "transition" treatments is not something our taxpayer dollars should fund, least of all in military appropriations!

The GOP has repeatedly promised, in its platform and in the campaigns of so many candidates, to speak for the cherished values of the majority of Americans: values of life and liberty, of family and marriage, and of real and proven science over politicized pseudo-science. The vote by 23 GOP Representatives to allow funding for transgender politics to play out in our military is a betrayal of these promises!

Please hold true to the values that I and countless other Americans elected you to represent in Washington, DC, and reject the dangerous ideologies like transgender activism that daily cut away at our civil liberties and at the healthy foundation of society, the natural family.

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