Thank President Trump for Stopping the Transgender Insanity in the Military

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President Donald J. Trump has taken the courageous step of banning transgender individuals from serving in any capacity in the United States military, reversing the attempt by Barack Obama to force the transgender agenda on our nation's armed forces. His action protects the integrity of the military's mission – to have a laser focus on defending our country and to be prepared for military engagement in support of our national interests – and saves taxpayers billions of dollars in medical "treatment" including sex-change surgeries, hormone therapy and extensive counseling.

Please sign our petition to thank President Trump for his courageous act, putting our national interests ahead of a narrow transgender political agenda being advanced by the left. LGBT extremists are orchestrating a campaign of vilification against President Trump and we must rally to defend his actions. It is wrong to use the military for a dangerous social experiment, and it is outrageous that the transgender community would think they can join the military and then stick taxpayers with the costs of sex-change surgeries and the other "treatments" that President Obama was giving them at our expense.

Please sign the petition below to send an email to the White House letting President Trump know that you support his stand and thank him for his courageous, principled decision.

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Thank President Trump for Pledging to Stop the Transgender Insanity in the Military

Thank you, President Trump, for standing up for taxpayers and our national interests by banning transgender personnel in the military. Our nation's armed forces should be laser focused on defending our national interests and protecting our country from harm. It should not be used as part of a dangerous social experiment to advance the extreme LGBT agenda that includes allowing a transgender individual to join the military and then demand that taxpayers pay for sex-change surgeries, hormones and counseling.

Science is clear that there is no evidence that someone can be the opposite sex "trapped in the wrong body." Those who consider themselves to be transgender suffer from a medical disorder called "gender dysphoria." They are entitled to our concerns and prayers, but they are not entitled to use the military to advance a political agenda, or to expect taxpayers to pay for it.

We commend your courage for reversing the dangerous, damaging transgender policy of former President Obama, and we urge you to continue to resist the gender ideologies of the left and LGBT activist groups.

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