No more LGBT flags on federal or federally-funded property!

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American Republican Party (Republican Politicians)
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Only about 5% of the population is LGBT, so why must their flag be flown on government property throughout the world--a privilege other groups in the US do not have?

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Prohibit the LGBT flag on all federal property, or on any property that receives federal funding!

Ever since the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision of 2015, federal and state buildings, even in red and purple states, have waved the 6-color flag at courthouses, assembly buildings, and even foreign embassies. Even Obama, the former president, allowed for 6-color ed lights to shine on the White House. When President Trump asked embassies to knock it off, some defied him . In Maryland, as of today, the LGBT flag has replaced the POW/MIA flag  at the Veterans' Memorial. 

According to a variety of statistics, no more than 5% of the population is LGBT, yet whenever June rolls around, governments and businesses being talking about "pride" wave the LGBT flag everywhere. African-Americans are 13% of the population, but they do not get this attention in February, January 15th, or June 19th. Mexican-Americans or Chicanos are 11% of the population, but where are the red, green, and white with the eagle shield on September 16th, March 31st, or even May 5th? German-Americans are 14.4% of the population, but where is the German or Bavarian flag in October? Proponents of the LGBT flag on government properties insist that this is for inclusion. Are the LGBT population not Americans? Even if they weren't, the American flag is our symbol of inclusion! If you believe in our guiding principles and love our Constitution, the American flag should create a soft spot in your heart.

Moreover, the LGBT flag is not inclusive--it is divisive. If you are a Bible-believing Christian, it is a symbol of oppression and dictatorship. When I see the flag, I see hardworking people losing their businesses and being threatened for simply refusing to bake a cake or create bouquets and decorations for same-sex weddings. I see the same people being harassed and threatened for the same reasons. I see a decorated fire chief losing his career and his pension for writing one sentence: marriage is between a man and a woman. I see pastors being told to have their sermons reviewed and approved before preaching them. With the Equality Act, I see churches being penalized for not letting people use the washrooms with the genders with which they identify or not hiring someone whose beliefs and life choices counter the beliefs of the congregation. Hence, the use of the LGBT flag in government areas only causes resentment and hatred. This country has suffered enough hatred in the past years. Saying enough is enough is not intolerance, hatred, or homophobia; it is intelligence.


Therefore, I implore you to create a law that would limit the flight of such flags to homes and private organizations. For the sake of peace and healing, outlaw and enforce the flight of LGBT or similar flags in all federal areas and properties sustained by federal funding, including state capitols, courthouses, libraries, and even museums (except LGBT museums). Stand for the 95% and the decency of our nation and its reputation.

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