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JB Pritzker (Governor)

Corrupt Illinois governor continues to make villains out of people in the state of Illinois by keeping them under house arrest, closing businesses and churches.



Governor JB has not interest in the needs of the people and seeks to keep them hostage in their own homes, apartments. Closing churches for the full year. Insane people will die under this full year lockdown.

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JB has gone too far

Just read TheGateWayPundit, and watch TruNews, and you will see just how corrupt and vile such governors are. It is ignorant. Very sad that people love to be under tyrants , then Christian leaders. Governors like Pritzker are power hungry. They care nothing about the rights of people. Like many corrupt officials in power. They want to control people. With churches and Pantry closed. There is hardly any rights left that this governor has used as his emergency powers.


Forced masks, gloves, staying indoors is unhealthy and stupid. Very stupid leadership in the governor office. 


It would be best that such a corrupt, vile person be removed from office!

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