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Chris Nassetta (Hilton Hotels)
Chris Kempczinski (McDonald’s Corporation)
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Charles Scharf (Wells Fargo Company)

Corporate America is once again inundating Americans, including children, in a month long, over-the top celebration of homosexuality and transgenderism during the month of June. Following the lead of radical LGBT lobby groups, they rally around the theme of “Pride Month.”

The companies listed above are among the leading proponents of this unsightly display that is offensive to millions of their customers, the majority of America, who hold traditional values relating to family and human sexuality.  It’s one thing for corporations to celebrate their customers and employees – those who identity as LGBT and those who don’t – but it’s another thing to work in concert with the LGBT lobby to advance a movement designed to radically reshape American law and culture.

Each of the companies targeted by this petition are not only “Pride Month” celebrants, they are backers of the InEquality Act, legislation pending in Congress (HR 15), to impose vast elements of the LGBT lobby agenda. This includes declaring the belief – held throughout human history and practiced by virtually every major religion – that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman, to be a "sex stereotype" and thus illegal “sex discrimination.”

The bill these giant corporations support redefines “sex” to mean “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” and thus gives men the ability to force themselves into intimate areas reserved for women – showers, locker rooms, bathrooms, shelters, etc. – on the basis of declaring a female “gender identity.” It also allows men to compete against girls and women in athletic competitions, stealing their chances for success and athletic achievement and robbing them of scholarships.

The legislation will result in the indoctrination of children as young as kindergarten about transgender ideology. It undermines all state laws that have been enacted to protect minors from mutilating surgeries and sex change procedures until they are an adult. It strips Americans who question the radical LGBT agenda of their statutory religious liberty rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Further the legislation makes changes in law that will strengthen the abortion industry’s legal efforts to reimpose abortion on demand.

For all these reasons, we are declaring June 2024 to be “Not Pride” month and we urge the corporations listed above – and all others similarly situated – to cease promoting homosexuality and transgenderism, especially to children, and to withdraw their support of the radical InEquality Act (HR 15) legislation.

The Petition

Not Pride Petition

In 2023 corporate America should have received a wake-up call when the American people expressed in vivid and unmistakable terms their opposition to the imposition of the LGBT agenda on citizens. And yet, your company continues to promote the homosexual and transgender agenda during the month of June, and at other times.

The American people do not need to be told by corporate giants what cultural and moral values they should hold, nor are they willing to allow mega-corporations like your company to use their power to campaign in favor of the radical, extreme agenda of homosexuality and transgenderism represented by the InEquality Act (HR 15), legislation which your company is championing.

The LGBT lobby has declared the month of June to be “Pride Month” but I am writing to express my strongly held position that June 2024 is “Not Pride” month.

I disagree with, and resent, the efforts of your corporation to advance the interests of backers of homosexuality and transgenderism to the detriment of those who subscribe to traditional values, including on issues relating to human sexuality, marriage and family, and religious liberty.

In addition, I strongly object to your support of federal legislation that would impose vast elements of the LGBT agenda on the American people. The InEquality Act (HR 15)

is breathtaking in its scope and astounding in its extremism, imposing a radical agenda to benefit a narrow special interest at the punishing expense of ordinary Americans, especially people of faith. It is wrong as a matter of public policy, and it is decidedly wrong of your corporation to attempt to impose it on the country.

Woke executives in your human resources and marketing departments may be advising you that the month of June is an excellent opportunity to align your corporation with what these executives perceive to be popular elements in society and culture, but the values that you are promoting in doing so are anathema to many of your customers, including my family.

By taking such a public role in advancing the agenda and narratives of the LGBT lobby, you have signaled to me that you do not want my business, nor the business of the vast majority of Americans who share my views.

I am not going to sit idly by and have my family be inundated with over-the-top marketing messaging from giant corporations like yours that are in opposition to the values our family holds dear, nor am I going to support a corporation that is working to impose a breathtakingly radical agenda into federal law through the InEquality Act.

I am, therefore, writing to let you know that my family is declaring June 2024 to be Not Pride Month, and we will not be rewarding your company with our business until you drop your activism for the LGBT lobby, including attempting to push their agenda into federal law.

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