Tell Obama and Sebelius: Stop the Assault on Conscience

by ActRight Community in Susan B. Anthony List

Not only is the Obama Administration forcing insurance companies to provide abortion-inducing drugs and contraception, now there are two more attacks on Life and conscience. 

  1. The Obama Administration has cut ALL funding from Texas’ Women’s Health Program after the state legislature voted to defund Planned Parenthood and instead send money to entities that better serve low-income women by providing them with whole woman’s care.
  2. Secretary Sebelius has announced regulations for Obamacare and as we feared, all Americans taking part in the health care exchanges will now be forced to pay a $1 “abortion surcharge.”

These incredulous infringements on the consciences of pro-life Americans must not stand. The President and Secretary must hear from you NOW.

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Stop Abortion Funding

Congress needs to respect the conscience of the American people and guarantee that their hard earned tax dollars are not spent on abortion. ...

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