Stop Harry Reid's Pro-Abortion Power Grab

by ActRight Community in Susan B. Anthony List

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is threatening to change the rules of the U.S. Senate in order to make it easier to pass his agenda, including radical pro-abortion policies. Longstanding Senate rules protect those in the minority by ensuring that the motion to move to any legislation requires at least 60 votes. If Senator Reid has his way, he could push through legislation in the Senate with just 50 or 51 votes – meaning that current pro-life laws could be put in jeopardy, and the Senate could pass legislation that furthers President Obama's radical assault on Life and Religious Liberty.

Contact your two Senators today and tell them you strongly oppose Senator Reid's power grab.


Stop Abortion Funding

Congress needs to respect the conscience of the American people and guarantee that their hard earned tax dollars are not spent on abortion. ...

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