I Dumped Angie for Liberty

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Mr. Bill Oesterle (CEO, Angie's List)

Many times we at NOM are asked by supporters what one person can do to stand for marriage or stand for religious freedom.  With the March for Marriage around the corner in Washington DC, on April 25th, that's one important thing you can do.  But right now we have an opportunity to highlight to the business community the effects of attacking religious liberty.  Here's what you can do right now.


As you know, Angie's List has said that they are halting a $40 million expansion of their facility in Indiana to protest passage of the common sense religious liberty bill that simply gives people of faith their day in court to fight the government from coercing them to participate in something they oppose on religious grounds.  Angie's List thinks attacking the rights of Christians and other faiths is smart business.


If you have an Angie's list account, it's time for you to do four simple things that will take less than five minutes but will send a big message:


1. Sign into your account. Leave one last review on Angie's List of any company you like that makes clear that you are leaving Angie's List because they oppose religious freedom.  Encourage everyone else to do this same.


2.  At the right-hand, bottom corner of the page is a "Contact Us" button.  Click that button.  On the next page is a drop down menu under "My Question is About." Choose "Membership Cancellation."  Under subject write in "Cancel My Membership."  Finally, write in the question box that you are cancelling Angie's List because of their efforts to oppose Religious Liberty legislation in Indiana.  Let them know that you wish to exercise your right under the membership agreement to get 110% of your payment returned and that your account be canceled immediately.  You can also call 888-944-5479.


3.  Sign the petition by clicking here saying you have canceled your account, so that we can keep track of how many people have cancelled.  THIS IS CRITICAL.


4.  Finally, ask all of you friends and family to do the same by forwarding this petition to your lists.


NOTE: If you do not have an Angie's List Account, please click on and sign this petition.

The Petition

I have Canceled my Angie's List Membership

Dear Mr. Oesterle,


I have canceled my Angie's List membership because you have demonstrated clearly over the past few days that you oppose religious liberty and have no regard for my most precious, fundamental values and beliefs.


I am also encouraging all of my family and friends who have Angie's List accounts to do the same.


Your disregard for religous freedom is shameful and I will not be giving you another cent of my business because of it.



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