Angie's List: Stop Your Attack on Freedom

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Mr. Bill Oesterle (CEO, Angie's List)

Many times we at NOM are asked by supporters what one person can do to stand for marriage or stand for religious freedom.  With the March for Marriage around the corner in Washington DC, on April 25th, that's one important thing you can do.  But right now we have an opportunity to highlight to the business community the effects of attacking religious liberty.  Here's what you can do right now.


As you know, Angie's List has said that they are halting a $40 million expansion of their facility in Indiana to protest passage of the common sense religious liberty bill that simply gives people of faith their day in court to fight the government from coercing them to participate in something they oppose on religious grounds.  Angie's List thinks attacking the rights of Christians and other faiths is smart business.  If you don't have an Angie's List account, it's time for you to do two simple things that will take less than five minutes but will send a big message:


1. Sign this petition here.



2. Ask all of your friends and family to do the same.


We have to make it clear to big businesses that we will not be bullied. We have a chance to show the power of people of faith working together.  This is your chance to do something for religious liberty and marriage.  Let's do this together!


NOTE: If you do have an Angie's List Account, please click on and sign this petition.

The Petition

I Will Not Give Angie's List My Business

Dear Mr. Oesterle,


I am writing to you to let you know that I will not be doing business with Angie's List because you have demonstrated clearly over the past few days that you oppose religious liberty and have no regard for my most precious, fundamental values and beliefs.


I am also encouraging all of my family and friends who have Angie's List accounts to drop their accounts because of your intolerant position.


Your disregard for religious freedom is shameful and I will not be giving you a cent of my business because of it.



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