CISPA: Invading Your Privacy, Tracking Your Internet Usage

by ActRight Community in Freedomworks Foundation

The federal government is once again infringing on your civil liberties. A bipartisan group of congressmen are considering CISPA legislation, which allows the NSA and military to keep tabs on your personal internet records. In the name of “cyber security,” CISPA allows and encourages private companies to share personal user data with governmental entities and military organizations. At best, this legislation is a huge invasion of privacy. At worst, it creates yet another back-door, Orwellian surveillance program.

If the freedom movement does not take a principled stand against this harmful legislation, private companies will have increased authority to monitor your online activity and share this sensitive material with the federal government – all without a warrant. And unsurprisingly, the government will not be held to any standards of transparency or oversight: all data collected by the government will be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

Sign this petition urging Congress to oppose CISPA. The internet must remain free. A free people need a free flow of information.